Eric Vickery

Eric Vickery’s passion for life coaching is built upon the foundation of decades of business and leadership consulting. Eric has been a consultant for hundreds of clients all over the world for over 20 years, and he brings that same skillset to his life coaching clients. One of the many benefits of expertise that Eric’s coaching clients receive is that he is an expert on the DiSC personality profile system. Eric thoroughly enjoys helping his life coaching clients get the most out of their DiSC profile report. Eric is able to blend his expertise as a business consultant with his skillset as a life coach. The blend of these two passions yields a dynamic package for his life coaching clients. Eric is able to approach life coaching with a systems perspective and apply that to his client’s personal and professional lives. He can help you determine what your goals and vision are for your life – but most importantly – he is able to provide the coaching, accountability and support to help you reach those goals. Life Coaching can be individuals wanting to just challenge themselves through one on one coaching with Eric via Zoom meetings once or twice a month or even a newly engaged couple wanting to do pre-marital life coaching with Eric and his wife Abby. Just simply email us and we will figure out a perfect fit for your life coaching process.

You can learn more about consulting experience here, which he also applies to helping his clients achieve personal success. Eric is available for individual life coaching sessions, both on-site or through virtual seminars. Individual life coaching can help you improve your life by addressing and developing some of the following questions and skills:

  • Faith – How well is your soul?
    • Healthy on the inside
    • Favor for others
    • Giving of your time and energy
  • FEAR? Self-Esteem & Confidence – Are you controlled by your FEAR?
  • Family – From your future to your current home to your past…
  • Forgiveness & Love
  • Friendship – Are you aware of what you’re attracting? Birds of a feather flock together.
  • Financial Balance – How in Control of your money are you?
  • Future & Vision Development – Are you living your vision?
    • SMARTER Goals – How to set and achieve goals.
  • First Things First – Life Balance – Are you stressed? Do you make time in your life for the important things?
    • Time Management – Is perfectionism or procrastination stopping you?
    • Ideal Day Scheduling and Planning
  • Fitness and Fun – Do you have your health plan set?
  • Finally a Plan for Personal Growth – Do you have a plan for personal continuing education?

We invite you to contact us at (530) 356-4011 to learn more, schedule a consultation and begin your journey to personal success.

We have a lot of respect for Eric. We chose him over other coaches we interviewed because he incorporated our Faith in the decisions we were making, and this is important to us. His experience and knowledge makes him resourceful and has quality people he referred us to get the answers we needed. He is easy to talk with, even with those tuff conversations. He is a person I would recommend for both short term challenges or long term growth and accountability.

– C. Edmondson

When I worked with Eric Vickery and Life Coaching, they listened, then helped me find my voice and taught me how to deploy my voice in the right moments so that my words would be heard.

– L. Humphrey

Working with Eric in a one-on-one capacity was a great experience! He knew just the right questions to ask to pinpoint valuable areas of growth. He would regularly give meaningful insights for continued development and would often help identify small changes that are easy to implement but would have tremendous results. I would highly recommend him!

– A. Bley

Eric Vickery is an amazing leader. He models that through his work as a life coach and as a father. I’ve learned so much from my time with Eric, it’s priceless!

– D. Vinson

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