Eric Vickery

Eric Vickery’s passion for life coaching is built upon the foundation of decades of business and leadership consulting. Eric has been a consultant for hundreds of clients all over the world for over 20 years, and he brings that same skillset to his life coaching clients. One of the many benefits of expertise that Eric’s coaching clients receive is that he is an expert on the DiSC personality profile system. Eric thoroughly enjoys helping his life coaching clients get the most out of their DiSC profile report. Eric is able to blend his expertise as a business consultant with his skillset as a life coach. The blend of these two passions yields a dynamic package for his life coaching clients. Eric is able to approach life coaching with a systems perspective and apply that to his client’s personal and professional lives. He can help you determine what your goals and vision are for your life – but most importantly – he is able to provide the coaching, accountability and support to help you reach those goals. Life Coaching can be individuals wanting to just challenge themselves through one on one coaching with Eric via Zoom meetings once or twice a month or even a newly engaged couple wanting to do pre-marital life coaching with Eric and his wife Abby. Just simply email us and we will figure out a perfect fit for your life coaching process.

You can learn more about consulting experience here, which he also applies to helping his clients achieve personal success. Eric is available for individual life coaching sessions, both on-site or through virtual seminars. Individual life coaching can help you improve your life by addressing and developing some of the following questions and skills:

  • Faith – How well is your soul?
    • Healthy on the inside
    • Favor for others
    • Giving of your time and energy
  • FEAR? Self-Esteem & Confidence – Are you controlled by your FEAR?
  • Family – From your future to your current home to your past…
  • Forgiveness & Love
  • Friendship – Are you aware of what you’re attracting? Birds of a feather flock together.
  • Financial Balance – How in Control of your money are you?
  • Future & Vision Development – Are you living your vision?
    • SMARTER Goals – How to set and achieve goals.
  • First Things First – Life Balance – Are you stressed? Do you make time in your life for the important things?
    • Time Management – Is perfectionism or procrastination stopping you?
    • Ideal Day Scheduling and Planning
  • Fitness and Fun – Do you have your health plan set?
  • Finally a Plan for Personal Growth – Do you have a plan for personal continuing education?

Abigail VickeryAbigail Vickery

Abigail Vickery is a John Maxwell Certified Life Coach, certified DISC trainer and President of Align Life Coaching. She has an undergraduate degree in psychology, a master’s degree and clinical license in social work, and credentials in school counseling. She has worked within the field of mental health for nearly two decades. She now brings her clinical background to the field of professional life coaching. Her areas of expertise are lifestyle design, professional and personal vision, healthy relationships, challenging parenting issues, and servant leadership coaching. Another one of Abigail’s passions is providing seminars and workshops to leadership teams on different topics such as survival care, interpersonal relationship skills, and healthy marriage and parenting.

  • Abigail believes that the integration of one’s whole self is essential to seeing vision become a reality.
  • She desires to see her clients walk in wholeness and realize that they have within them the ability to live the life they desire.
  • She is excited to come alongside those who are ready for change, to champion and challenge them.
  • She believes that you have inside of you all of the elements you need to see breakthrough in your life!
  • Abigail is ready to help you define and refine the qualities you already possess that will assist you in making the changes you want. You have undiscovered strengths within you!

Abigail has been married to her husband, Eric, since 1998. He is also a JMT Certified Life Coach, President of Vickery Coaching and VP of All-Star Dental Academy Coaching Division. Abigail’s ‘Why’ is her family. She and Eric have four wonderful children, an amazing daughter-in-law, three and a half dogs and a cat. They make their home in Northern California.

We invite you to contact us at (530) 356-4011 to learn more, schedule a consultation and begin your journey to personal success.
Rebecca McKinnon

Do you ever have an underlying feeling that there is more to who you are, or that you are not reaching your potential? Maybe you know what you need to do, but you just cannot seem to make it happen. Sometimes, the struggle is to define your priorities and values or to discover where you want to go. Other times, it is the struggle to align your time and energy with what you already know to do. No matter where you are at, Becca can help you plan and achieve your next steps.

Becca McKinnon is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Life Coach and a Certified DISC trainer who spent over two decades in the public education system as a teacher, instructional coach and youth mentor. Becca is passionate about helping others help themselves. Combining past professional experience with the latest information on habit formation, goal setting and productivity, Becca will help you identify where you want to go and provide accountability as you set goals and create a growth plan. You can start today to become the person you want to be tomorrow.

A quick word from Becca …

Living a congruent life is about bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be tomorrow. We’ve all experienced moments where we feel like we are living our lives the right way, moments in which what we do aligns with who we are at our core. A congruent life is about stringing more of those moments together on a regular basis until it becomes seamless. A congruent life means fewer regrets and less striving.

Real change and improvement in our lives requires learning, planning and accountability. Coaching enables you to put all of the pieces together. I’m passionate about helping you do this.

You are the expert in you, but sometimes it takes an outsider and additional insights to help you align all of the pieces. I use the DISC behavioral assessment to give you insight into your behavior style and how it impacts your own actions as well as your interactions with others. The DISC is the foundation of your coaching plan.

If you would like to set up a complimentary 30 minute meeting to evaluate whether I can help you, please email the Victory Life Coaching Team. During your session, we’ll discuss your goals and how to reach them. This is a fun, informal conversation with no obligations. If you feel that I can help you further, we can go from there. If you think you would like to try coaching but don’t feel we would be a good match, then I can refer you to a coach that might be a better fit


We have a lot of respect for Eric. We chose him over other coaches we interviewed because he incorporated our Faith in the decisions we were making, and this is important to us. His experience and knowledge makes him resourceful and has quality people he referred us to get the answers we needed. He is easy to talk with, even with those tuff conversations. He is a person I would recommend for both short term challenges or long term growth and accountability.

– C. Edmondson

When I worked with Eric Vickery and Life Coaching, they listened, then helped me find my voice and taught me how to deploy my voice in the right moments so that my words would be heard.

– L. Humphrey

Working with Eric in a one-on-one capacity was a great experience! He knew just the right questions to ask to pinpoint valuable areas of growth. He would regularly give meaningful insights for continued development and would often help identify small changes that are easy to implement but would have tremendous results. I would highly recommend him!

– A. Bley

Eric Vickery is an amazing leader. He models that through his work as a life coach and as a father. I’ve learned so much from my time with Eric, it’s priceless!

– D. Vinson

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